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Spanish Climate Campaigners March to Glasgow via Chapeltown

A group of climate campaigners from Zaragoza, Spain, are coming to Leeds on Friday 15th October as they walk almost 1,000km from Portsmouth to Glasgow.

The nine Spanish walkers, as part of their Marcha-a-Glasgow, are trekking 30 km a day across the UK to Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26).

They’re passing through Leeds soon on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th October and Our Future Leeds will be there to greet them.


March to Glasgow via Chapeltown

The Spanish walkers are raising awareness of the importance of COP26 and putting pressure on world leaders to act. They believe that by coming together and creating a mass show of public support, world leaders must respond and take the immediate, effective action required.

One walker said: “I’m walking to be visible, to make my voice heard. To shout about the climate emergency, to engage others to shout out too, to pressurise politicians to do more than make empty promises.”

To show our support, Our Future Leeds, in collaboration with Climate Action Leeds, will be hosting an interactive stall during a community display of hope, inspiration and togetherness held on Chapeltown Road (LS7 3DU). The event, starting at 10am on the morning of Saturday 16th October, is bringing together people, community organisations and environmental activist groups.

Join us at our stall, where we’ll be inviting the people of Leeds to let us know what their future Leeds would look like, as well as spread the word about the diverse environmental, social and economic campaigns going on all across the city.

We want to make our local concerns global, and we’ll be sending our messages all the way up to Glasgow - so come along with your messages and your creative hats on!

We hope to see you there!


To find out more about the Chapeltown Road event and to share it with your family, friends and wider networks visit -

For more information on the Marcha-a-Glasgow visit -

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