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[Event] Leeds' Artificial Pitches: exploring their hidden environmental harms

Third generation (3G) artificial pitches are popular across the UK as 'all-weather' alternatives to natural grass pitches - but what are the environmental impacts?

From microplastic and chemical pollution, to wider implications on biodiversity and health, the harms of artificial pitches are becoming increasingly known and understood.

Join us for our Action Forum this month, where we'll learn more about the issues in conversation with Leeds residents who are currently opposing a planning application to install a new 3G pitch near ancient woodland in Middleton Park. Find the event on Facebook:


Join us on the night:

Meeting ID: 899 3523 0160 Passcode: 530968


Would like to feature your work in a future Action Forum?

If you, or someone you know, are involved in a campaign and doing great work in Leeds, we'd love to hear from you!

Please complete our Hosting, Suggestions and Feedback form (, and we'll be in touch with more information on how to get involved.

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