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Our Future Leeds ​was started by a group of people who came together to call on Leeds City Council to declare a climate emergency. We are committed to delivering a people-powered response which matches up to the scale and pace of the emergency.


We are a flat, people-led organisation that connects, supports and empowers communities, groups and individuals to take effective, meaningful action.

Who we are?

We are a response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency, and the continuing vast social injustice, poverty, and exclusion of ethnically or socially marginalised communities in Leeds.

We are a response to the political system that has failed to address these ecological and social issues, and their political-economic root causes.

We are a grassroots movement, putting people at the core.


We believe that everyone has to have a voice in the all-encompassing changes that will be needed to address the crises we are facing.

Our Aims and Objectives

Creating an Emergency Response Plan that works for everyone

We will actively reach out and listen to the needs and concerns of communities. We will draw on expertise from researchers, government, business, practitioners and civil society. We will benchmark against the scale and speed of action that is needed. We will triple-check it is fair. At every step, we will ask the people of Leeds for approval. Together, we will produce a clear plan for how we can create a safe, green, liveable and fair Leeds by the 2030s.


A people-led cornerstone for Leeds’ climate & social justice movement

We will build a flat, people-led organisation that can connect, support and guide groups that work towards the same goals. We will provide research, analysis, training and foster cooperation through cross-organisational working groups and city-wide roundtables that bring everyone together, and jointly decide the way forward in our monthly assemblies.

A home for the movement in every community: a network of Hubs

We will work with communities to develop Climate Emergency Hubs - physical bases where people can go to get together, learn, teach, share, discuss, inspire, get inspired, plan, co-create and craft everything we need to tackle the emergency and create a safe future.

Our Principles

Emergency Mode

Acting with the priority and pace required to tackle an emergency

Linking Issues

Ensuring climate solutions protect and enhance nature and ecosystems


Recognising climate injustice and acting in solidarity with communities who are least responsible for climate change and who are experiencing impacts the most

Power to the People

Building power and capacity amongst communities to act and develop their own solutions

Confronting Power

Telling the truth and challenging power where it blocks change

Social Justice

Ensuring climate solutions are socially just and meet people's needs

Prioritising Safety

Not supporting actions or ideas that may cause harm to others

Movement Building

Build a movement that can bring people together, push back and challenge institutions and create change on common issues

Positive Visions

Viewing the city as a healthy, sustainable & liveable city is a necessity to achieving our aims and principles

Dismantling Power

Not reproducing power that exists in our society, but recognising that everyone has a role to play and giving power to those who have least


Committing to being open, transparent and inclusive so everyone can participate


Learning and receiving feedback openly, listening to voices too often irnoges

Our Future Leeds is proud to be a member of Climate Action Leeds - a multi-partner programme which has been successful in winning a £2.5m award from The National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.

As part of the programme, we're joined by other fantastic local organisations including Voluntary Action Leeds, Leeds Tidal, and Together for Peace, with each of us leading on different aspects of the project.

We'll share more information and a link to the project website soon. We'll also share any job and other opportunities as they become available.

(Work Package 1)

Voluntary Action Leeds will provide organisational and management support to the whole programme.

Movement Building (Work package 2)

Our Future Leeds will lead programme development and strategic direction.

Community Hubs
(Work Package 3) 

Together for Peace will develop and coordinate the network of community hubs and associated action plans.

Sector and Campaign Support
(Work Package 4)

Leeds Tidal will provide campaign support and sector-specific support and skills.

Learning and Evaluation (Work Package 5)

CAG Consultants will lead on learning and evaluation, and organisations are able to tender for this role. 

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