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Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill - Write to your MP

Leeds CEE Bill Alliance has just written to all Leeds MPs and the Mayor of West Yorkshire inviting them to a virtual Town Hall Meeting to update them about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

There will be a small invited audience of interested Leeds residents and key City Councillors keen to meet with them. The hope is to find constructive ways of working with them and persuading those who are not already doing so to support the Bill.

Two alternative dates and times have been offered for the meeting, either Tues 31st August at 2pm or Wed 1st September at 7pm.

If you live in Leeds, you can help the campaign right now by writing a quick email to your MP - say that you are aware that they have been invited to the meeting and ask them to attend, if possible giving some personal perspective on why you believe the Bill and their support is important.

MPs names and e-mail addresses are provided below:

If you're not sure who your MP is, you can find out here by entering your postcode.

Background to the CEE Bill and why we need it

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill calls for the Government to develop an emergency strategy that:

  • requires the UK to play its fair and proper role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with limiting global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures;

  • ensures that all the UK’s consumption emissions are accounted for;

  • includes emissions from aviation and shipping;

  • protects and restores biodiverse habitats along overseas supply chains;

  • ensures that all efforts are made to reduce emissions. In sectors where emissions are unavoidable, such as agriculture and construction, natural climate solutions are prioritised. Negative emissions technologies may only be used in these sectors and only where there is evidence that they cause no environmental damage;

  • restores and regenerates the UK’s depleted soils, wildlife habitats and species populations to healthy and robust states;

  • sets up an independent Citizens’ Assembly, representative of the UK’s population, to engage with Parliament and Government to develop the emergency strategy.

The Bill has the support of Members of Parliament from all parties. To date 110 MPs, 28 Peers and 58 Councils have signed in support of the CEE Bill, including two Leeds MPs, Alex Sobel and Richard Burgon. The hope is that it will be selected for debate in Parliament during September 2021. You can read more about the Bill and the work of the CEE Bill Alliance at

Thank you for your support

Leeds CEE Bill Alliance

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