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Transport in Leeds doesn't work for the climate or our communities

As well as being the largest city in Europe without a mass transit system, Leeds is based around hugely damaging private car ownership. Huge roads cut off communities from each other and the city. Public transport is expensive and run by private companies which drain money out of the city for their own profits.


We believe Leeds can be a safer, more accessible and better connected city - a city where walking, cycling and taking public transport become the obvious and natural choices for us to make.

Re-imagining Leeds' transport

Addressing transport in Leeds is vital to achieving our vision for a zero-carbon, nature friendly, and socially just Leeds, which is why we support the bold vision set out by Leeds City Council in their draft transport strategy.

However, given the scale and urgency of the challenges ahead, its ambition must be raised.

Any future transport strategy needs be tied to bold, city-wide changes that reach beyond a sole focus on transport and link to wider changes in the economy, recognising how we live in Leeds.

Our vision...

​Guiding principles

  • Empowering communities to have a real say in the transport decisions which affect them

  • Placing climate and social justice at the heart of this and all future policies which affect us here in Leeds


Practical steps to create a zero carbon and socially just transport system​

  • A free, public-owned electric bus service

  • Rapid and greater pedestrianisation

  • Fully electric vehicles only in the city centre by 2025

  • Car free city centre by 2030

  • Closing central car parks and the loop to private cars

  • Creating a major green corridor in the inner ring road

You can find out more about our ideas in our Summary Response document, which we originally put together to help people across Leeds respond to the Leeds City Council consultation on their strategy.


The consultation has ended, but we'll continue to develop the ideas and use them to guide our campaigning efforts.


You can also check out our Full Response document, which lays out our ideas in more detail. 

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