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Local Plan Response

What is the Leeds Local Plan? 

The Leeds Local Plan is incredibly important because it sets the course for how Leeds will develop over the next generation and is vital to help us get to zero carbon, protect us from future extreme weather, and generally make life a lot better in the meantime! Leeds City Council has recently been consulting on new sections of the Local Plan designed to help the Council deliver on its commitments to addressing the climate emergency, titled ‘Your Neighbourhood, Your City, Your Planet’

What's at stake?

The new Local Plan will shape our city over the next two decades including the vital period from now to 2030, when we need to get to zero carbon - so it is vital that the climate emergency is central to any update.

The climate crisis means every decision is environmental and impacts the future of our city. Complex, interconnected and transformative interventions across the planning, infrastructure, politics, culture, and economy of Leeds over the next generation are required to ensure a zero carbon, nature friendly, socially just future for Leeds.

This means a Local Plan informed by ecologically progressive principles will push the Council to deliver on their commitments to tackling the climate emergency, and direct the future of Leeds' development in ways that are more favourable - not only for the climate, but also for our local communities.

Our Response


In response to the Local Plan Update consultation, we presented city leaders with a document outlining our thoughts on each of the five main topics covered. This response aims to highlight the immediate need to act to ensure Leeds becomes zero-carbon by the 2030s.


The Our Future Leeds response is shaped by collective conversations and informed by our values for a zero carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds. It strongly supports the Local Plan Update’s focus on the climate emergency, but emphasises the importance of raising the ambition to deal with the challenges ahead. 

You can find out more in our Full Response document, which we delivered to Leeds City Council. 

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