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"We are a people-powered movement to create a zero carbon, socially just, and nature friendly Leeds"

We are living in a time of emergency

These are times of unprecedented crises and challenges. But also one of hope and the possibility of change for the better.

We are at the tipping point and need to act together to prevent environmental and social disaster.

Fortunately, more and more people from school strikers to politicians are talking about climate and environmental emergencies. 

We are at a crossroads. We can stop these disasters. The changes we need to do to avoid disaster can also make our lives a lot better.

We could have green, dry, warm homes. We could have more green spaces. We can have a car free city centre and a priority for walking, cycling and public transport in every neighbourhood. We could breathe better air. We could have better health.

But we can still prevent disaster...

And make our lives much better along the way...

Leeds has declared a climate emergency!


We are seeing changes - but not fast enough, not bold enough, not deep enough. ​

We will produce an Emergency Response Plan that matches the scale, the nature and the pace of these emergencies - a plan that works for the climate and works for people and communities.


And we will act on it.

Who are we?

​Our Future Leeds was started by a small group of people who came together to call on Leeds City Council to declare a climate emergency.

We are a flat, people-led organisation that

connects, supports and empowers communities, groups and individuals to take effective, meaningful action.

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